MicroSociety at Talbot Hill

Coordinator: Sally Boni  phone: 425-204-4916 or email sally.boni@rentonschools.us

by a 4th Grade Banker

4 scoops of ice cream and only 2 cones
7 sling shots and only 3 stones
5 old backpacks and only 2 kids
9 little bottles and only 5 lids
It's Scarcity

What is MicroSociety?

Talbot Hill's MicroSociety Program simulates a functioning community, with student-run businesses and services. This practice in real-life jobs and responsibilities directly supports the Washington State Learning Goals, developed by the Commission on Student Learning. The Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) are the foundation of the Program.

All students at Talbot are part of our MicroSociety program. Together, they run businesses, banks, a marketplace, and a government with branches for taxation, licensing, and dispute resolution. Each student earns "cool cash," which can be used to purchase student-made goods at the marketplace. This model is based on the MicroSociety® program, used in hundreds of school nation-wide.

Students have a chance to practice everything they learn in the classroom during their MicroSociety activities. Reading, math, language, social studies, and technology become practical tools, rather than abstract concepts.

MicroSociety has significance beyond the teaching of basic skills. Running a business teaches the consequences of behavior: students learn they must work in order to be paid, cooperate in order to get a job done, and plan ahead.

From the student-written laws to the mediation and court process for enforcing the laws, students learn that they have the power to make a difference in their world.

Talbot Hill's MicroSociety Program is affiliated with the MicroSociety® Program. The MicroSociety® Program is a non-profit organization that provides support, training and technical assistance as well as networking opportunities to schools and teachers implementing the MicroSociety® Program. For more information about the MicroSociety® Program, see their web page at http://www.microsociety.org. (This page will open in a separate window.)

Comments About the MicroSociety Program

"There is a real sense of community at Talbot Hill School. The students are learning a great deal - much more than they can learn in a book. Please support this school and program, it is a great school and a great community!!" -- Joy Poff, Renton School Board Director

"The Ventures Program at Talbot Hill is an excellent example of integrated learning experiences which apply basic skills to real life situations. In the process of creating a product or service, students learn to use group process skills, set goals and communicate effectively with each other and their customers. They also learn the value of mathematics and accurate record keeping while monitoring their ventures budget. At the same time, by being active participants in a community project, students are gaining valuable experiences in participatory citizenship. The students, staff and community at Talbot Hill have every reason to be proud of their successful Ventures Program!" -- Britta Carns, Curriculum Director, Renton School District

"MicroSociety gives the children the opportunity to try out real world roles of consumer, producer, service provider, tax payer and more, in a controlled environment - learning how important math, reading, and writing will be, learning to work in teams and learning to manage their resources of time, money and skills. I believe it will help my children be more prepared when they step into a real job and have their own home to manage." -- Sharon Chilenski, parent

"This program is meaningful because it allows students to connect classroom learning to real-life problem solving in the areas of economics, citizenship, and social responsibility." -- Ed Sheppard, Principal